Repairs, Upgrades, Preventive Maintenance

Tetra Pak® machine repair services from the experts

Technicians from UGM Malaysia are very talented and professional in the industry as they have more than 15 years of experience. All of the TetraPak® machines can be repaired on site or at our factory in Malaysia. We provide complete repair and maintenance of TetraPak®aseptic filling machines with models TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22, A3, A3/Flex and TetraRex®. Besides that, we will also repair on the Tetra Pak® line components such as PullTab™ units, conveyors, accumulators, straw applicators, film wrappers, tray and cardboard packers, shrinking machines and all other downstream equipment. We are also able to provide proposals on extending the machinery life cycles and shall inform on the available upgrades. Recommendation for the maintenance procedures and operational changes will be discussed with you to prevent costly repairs and machine downtime in the future.

We will also carry out  thorough examination of all critical parts on your machines and report on their condition accordingly. During the repair, if our professional technicians find that repairs cannot solve the repetitive problems and can improve efficiency and productivity, they should notify you in time. At the same time, we will advise plant managers and machine operators to take measures to reduce performance degradation and failures.

Where we find equipment repair is due to more than just routine wear and tear we also include a description of the background reasons for failure or loss of performance. UGM is in the position to submit proposals for partial or full machine refurbishing tasks.

Maintenance for Tetra Pak® filling and downstream machines

Our company provides global preventive maintenance services for all TetraPak® aseptic filling machines and downstream equipment. A skilled technical team should help to avoid failures by preserving and restoring your TetraPak® assets. Worn components are replaced before they actually fail. UGM’s professional technicians will identify, isolate and repair defects in order to put the broken down machine back into use immediately. In the presence of our technicians, we should communicate the recommendations and measures of maintenance procedures to avoid premature maintenance in the future.

UGM Malaysia aims to provide the maximum value from a repair and maintenance process to our customers where it enables you to expect measurable improvements in the equipment’s performance and efficiency when returned to operation.