We are professional in dismantling, packing and transporting your used machines and plants

UGM Malaysia has in depth experience and knowledge on industry machinery dismantling and shipping. The mission could have a huge impact on your project’s cost and efficiency. Our qualified in house technical team can handle machines and complete the production line to fulfill your requirements. Our team will ensure that your purchased machinery will be disassembled carefully and handled with the  best suitable equipment, packed and stowed into containers, trucks, wooden export crates or any custom-built transportation method. 

We are glad to be your partner to reinstall your equipment from the planning stages to final execution of the required tasks that you can count on us.

Our logistic specialists will arrange the worldwide transports for your cargo by land, sea and air. This highly trained team will provide you with the best, suitable, safest and most cost efficient shipping solutions. On the other hand, we are also glad to offer services such as machine dismantling, export packaging and transportation to third parties who have not purchased their machines from UGM Malaysia.

After handling more than hundred of projects, we pride ourselves on utilizing the latest work technology, know-how and packaging methods to make a project effective and to save costs for our customers.

We always ensure safety comes first before anything else of all our activities. We strictly adhere to local, national and site regulations and policies and care for the safety and health of our members at site whilst avoiding damages to buildings and structures as well as respecting the environment. 

You can concentrate on your core business while our specialists take care of your project!