Internal assembly and plant installation

We, UGM Malaysia have a specialized and experienced team that can be contracted to install your dairy and juice plant assemblies. We have stainless steel welders, pipe fitters, electricians and machine mechanics available worldwide. Our welding team with their own welding gear and machines for the installation of all stainless steel sanitary piping, CIP piping supports and SMS connections.

Besides the above our specialist will also install your:

  • instruments and any other equipment for supply of industrial mechanical services

  • steam and condensate

  • chilled water, hot water, ice water, soft water

  • instrument air, sterile air

  • product inlet pipes and connections

  • insulation of pipes and equipment (hot, cold and noise)

  • connection of power cables to machinery power supply

  • control boxes or control panel required for pump operation, tank operation and instrumentation display

Do not hesitate to contact UGM Malaysia for the installation mission of your plant. We look forward to hear from you.