Professional Consultant for All Types of Machines

With our experienced operator teams, we can get you started effectively with your used dairy or beverage plant. Contact us to operate, maintain and service your installations.

Machine Dismantling & Installations & Commissioning

We install, commission and start-up your Tetra Pak® filling equipment and complete filling systems at your premises, incorporating all mechanical and electrical systems up to the point it is ready for production.

Our field service staff assumes complete responsibility for the installation without interfering with your core areas of activity.

UGM’s specialized field service technician teams are available worldwide for installation and commissioning of aseptic Tetra Pak filling lines and single machines.

We assure a trouble free, safe and high quality mission execution.

By working hand-in-hand with your factory staff and local contractors we will make sure the installation phase is effectively handled and finalized rapidly.

Our focus is always aimed at on-time transitions to the commissioning phase.