Professional Tetra Pak® Machine Operators & Production Supervision

Tetra Pak filling line operators

As the pioneer in this trade, UGM Malaysia is pleased to introduce our operator services to TetraPak® machine owners. We can assign TetraPak® machine operators for short term or long term missions for staff shortage in different situations such as peak production hours, factory expansion or other transitional periods. Our TetraPak® machine operators will ensure only high quality products are produced while always ensuring the highest quality standards set by your company. Our machine operators have more than 15 years of experience in operating TetraPak® aseptic processing and filling machinery. While ensuring that your TetraPak® process and filling equipment is started, operated and maintained in accordance with the specified standards, and that the filled products meet all parameters, our experts should also monitor and improve the production process and production line operations. Disinfecting and cleaning equipment, inspecting equipment and performing minor preventive maintenance activities should be part of its work.

We can also dispatch our professional multipurpose team accordingly to fulfil your requirements. At the same time, our experts include TetraPak® machine technicians and electronics experts to operate your TetraPak® filling line. They can perform routine services before or after actual production tasks, perform repairs and perform comprehensive maintenance work.

UGM Malaysia staff work cooperatively with a positive attitude and communicate with team advisors and co-workers and strictly adhering to factory code of conducts and safety rules.

We are familiar with most TetraPak® filling machines such as TBA8, TBA19, TBA22, A3 Speed, A3 Flex, TCA A1 and related downstream equipment.

Process equipment operators

Other than supplying professional operators for filling equipment, our team is also able to provide machine operators for all type of process equipment from Tetra Pak® such as Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex®, Tetra Spiraflo®, Tetra ALCIP®, Tetra VTIS®, Tetra ALSAFE® and Tetra Alex®.

Process machines and plants of other reputable European manufacturers, namely Asepto, Alfa Laval, GEA, SPX/APV, GAS and Rossi & Catelli can also be operated by UGM operations teams. Our specialists have many years experience working in dairies or juice plants and are able to run entire plants for you whilst ensuring that end products meet your quality standards.